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East County Homeless Task Force

The East County Homeless Task Force (ECHTF) is a broad-based constituency of community members that convene and collaborate to identify and respond to unhoused residents' service and housing needs across East County. Organizations, institutions, and municipalities with homeless concerns operate independently with input and support from the Task Force.

Our Mission

The ECHTF engages and educates our communities about housing and services for preventing and ending homelessness. We advocate for policies that result in housing and service options appropriate to East County's range of housing needs.

Join us at a meeting hosted by the ECHTF or one of our partners to learn more. ECHTF membership is open to all solution-oriented residents who want to be actively involved! 

Sharing Knowledge

We promote collaboration between public, private and non-profit sectors to discover and act on solutions for homelessness in East County.

About Us

The San Diego East County Chamber of Commerce organized the East County Homeless Task Force (ECHTF) in 2016 as a San Diego East County Chamber of Commerce Foundation program. Our Steering Committee includes managers from East County cities, County staff, the Chamber, residents, and leaders from local businesses, faith communities, and non-profit health, housing, and outreach service providers. 

In late 2022, ECHTF leaders decided to partner with CASA. This agency can provide the expertise needed to support the education and advocacy aspects of the Task Force, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the ECHTF and its projects. In collaboration with the Chamber, the ECHTF anticipates completing the transition to CASA by the Summer of 2023. 

Questions? Let us know!

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