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You Can Join the CASA Team--

Be An Agent of Change

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Whether a gift of  time, resources, or money, there are opportunities for involvement where YOU can become an agent of change. Healthy, safe neighborhoods should be the heartbeat of every community.  With your help, the mission is possible!





Volunteer: If you are interested in volunteering at CASA, contact Dana Stevens to learn about opportunities.

Community volunteers provide an up close perspective of what local

problems look like that make parks and streets unsafe; or if the availability

of tobacco and alcohol outweighs fresh, healthy food choices; and if youth,

seniors, parents and business owners have a real sense of safety in their

neighborhood. Community volunteers provide the 

"voice to be the change they want to see" (Gandhi).


Neighborhood environments should represent the values of the youth and

adults living and working in the community. CASA's work cannot be

accomplished without volunteers!


Leadership: CASA welcomes community leaders interested in collaborating with CASA or potentially serving on our all-volunteer Board of Directors.


                                                Youth Leadership: CASA helps youth develop leadership skills                                                        through it's STAAND youth intern program and college internship                                                    program focused on public health and related fields.     


                                               Donate: Monetary donations are always welcome to support the                                                      ongoing work at CASA. Your donations maybe tax deductible.



CASA is a California 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization helping communities to take action,  serve, and advocate for safe and healthy neighborhoods. Achieving sustainable change in our communities requires ongoing partner support that extends beyond grant funds we receive.  Partner support happens through donations,  volunteers  and  public health interns. We welcome your interest  in supporting the meaningful work CASA  is doing in San Diego County.                                                                     





If you are interested in finding out more about our internship programs, please fill out the contact from below. CASA understands many young people today want to truly make a difference in their community. That's why we offer public health internships for both high school and college students. Interns are introduced to an array of current public health and safety initiatives. They participate in research, problem solving, civic engagement, public speaking, and policy development.  


If you are attending school and want to gain experience creating sustainable change in our communities, please complete the contact form to receive more information.


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