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San Diego County Tobacco Retailer License (TRL):

Community Action Service Advocacy (CASA) worked with

community leaders and city leaders to develop a TRL that will

help reduce the number of stores selling vape and tobacco

products illegally to underage youth.

Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service:

CASA has trained more than 300 people on how to serve and sell

alcohol responsibly. RASS training for staff and management at

Viejas Casino, local wineries, liquor stores, and grocery stores helps those serving alcohol understand their responsibilities in making our community safer. CASA led the effort to require training in El Cajon.

Santee National Prevention Week Proclamation: The City of Santee honored Santee Solutions Coalition with a proclamation May 13-19, for National Drug Prevention Week to promote awareness about substance abuse, addiction and treatment and promoting health, safety, and well-being in the city.

                                                        SAM California Office: Smart Approaches to                                                                  Marijuana expanded to open an office in California.                                                          Because of CASA’s extensive work with SAM since                                                            2013 on a variety of marijuana related issues                                                                  including their newest project Driving High Means                                                            DUI, in August SAM announced that CASA will lead                                                          SAM California and house its new office.

                                                        CASA developed the High Means DUI Campaign                                                         a Project of SAM: Driving high on marijuana is                                                             becoming more of a national safety issue as more states legalize the substance without updated driving laws and enforcement procedures. CASA’s project includes a public awareness campaign on traditional and social media, website presence and legislative policy work both locally and

federally on marijuana impaired driving.

Santee Smoke Free Parks and Trails: Santee Solutions Coalition worked with community members to focus on the advantages of smoke free parks and trails in Santee. The Coalition presented at the Santee Park and Recreation Committee (SPARC) and in January the Santee City council passed an ordinance making park trails,

routes and paths smoke free. Many community leaders hope

this is a first step to smoke-free parks.

STAAND youth develop leadership skills and

contributes to community: CASA’s youth internship

volunteers participated in Youth Quest, a youth action for

tobacco control leadership training in Sacramento, the Youth

Development Institute at Camp Marston near Julian, and in

several community events including America on Main Street

and HauntFest in El Cajon. Members attended the Friday Night

Live Office of Traffic Safety Youth Summit in San Jose, and

developed health and safety themes and activities for weekly meetings.

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