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ME2WE Endowment Fund

Donate to ME2WE to support the movement!

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The ME2WE scholarship fund supports young people and gives them a hand up to help them make a positive change in their communities and the world. CASA received a significant gift that initially kicked off this fund. It was the explicit wishes of the donor that the gift is used to support advanced education and training opportunities for young people and that the gift is invested and managed in a manner that will sustain that purpose over many years in the future.

Margaret Jane Ellavsky

The fund was inspired by the love and support that was shown by Margaret Ellavsky. Throughout her life, she was known for her positive and uplifting character that encouraged others to give and help in their community. She spent her whole life in service of children around the world, and worked to give young people a hand up rather than a hand out. Her loving and supportive spirit continues to live on through the change that is made with this fund.


Donate to ME2WE to support the movement!

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