Tobacco Retailer Licensing (TRL)

After presenting CASA’s case study on 15 years of TRL successes to the City Council, El Cajon residents successfully advocated for increased penalties for violations and more compliance checks, with fee reduction for multi-year compliance.

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TRL is one of the more effective strategies for preventing youth access to tobacco. We work to promote TRL policies to hold retailers accountable or illegal tobacco sales to anyone under age 21, the legal age for tobacco sales.

  • Compliance Monitoring in the City of El Cajon where we will continue working with the city to ensure high compliance rates among tobacco retailers.

  • In Lemon Grove we will be working with the city to implement their new TRL (a CASA project these past few years), and we will be supporting compliance monitoring. In addition, we have been asked to draft a TRL Case Study for Small Cities to document the process in Lemon Grove and encourage others to consider TRL as a means to reduce youth access to tobacco products.

CASA provides training to local businesses on the policies and procedures surrounding TRL.


If you are interested in signing up for one of our training dates, email for more information

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