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Recognizing the social factor​s that contribute to substance abuse are often grounded in poverty, social and emotional isolation, challenges to access education, health, transportation and employment CASA has embraced a core philosophy of "place matters."


Our work focuses on engaging community members as social change agents to improve community conditions and create environments where families thrive.




Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy


Our public health & safety initiatives are designed using the 

Strategic Prevention Framework 


this includes:

  • comprehensive community-based assessment;

  • increasing resident capacity for community problem-solving;

  • developing a realistic plan with objectives that are achievable, timely and  measurable;

  • implementing that plan with integrity to achieve long-term solutions that are grounded in research;  and

  • evaluating what we are doing,

  • asking are we doing what we planned to do?

  • is it making a difference?

  • do we have the capacity to modify our course of action when it's necessary?

  • are we ensuring that residents are engaged through every step of the process?

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