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 Our mission

CASA mobilizes communities to create safe and healthy neighborhoods through research,education, advocacy, and service.

Who is CASA?

Where we live has a profound role on our health, education, and economic prosperity.


When neighborhoods are blighted with abandoned buildings, liquor stores on every corner and neighborhood parks that aren't safe, then access to healthy food choices, physical activity and recreation are often scarce.


COMMUNITY, ACTION, SERVICE and ADVOCACY are the tools that empower residents to create safe and healthy neighborhoods!

Lorenzo with Dr. Shirley Weber (79 AD)
STANND in Sac 2018
HIGH DUI PC 2018 La Mesa
YDI 2020 (1)
FNL end of year party 2019 (1)
CYAN Statewide Advocacy Simmit 2019 (2).
CYAN Statewide Advocacy Simmit 2019 (1).
Hauntfest 2019 (4)

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

CASA values a diversity of perspectives, including those based on race, culture, gender identity, sexual orientation, (dis)ability, beliefs and lived experience. We strive to develop a Board of Directors, staff and cadre of volunteers who reflect the communities we serve. We demonstrate our commitment to inclusivity through our advocacy, communications, and engagement activities. By continually expanding perspectives within our organizational culture, CASA can successfully lead social and health equity initiatives to create safe and healthy neighborhoods.

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