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Connect 4 Change (C4C)

The program (Connect 4 Change) engages youth to create safe and healthy neighborhoods. As a Friday Night Live (FNL) partner, we incorporate FNL principles of encouraging peer-oriented, goal-directed programming that encourages youth to care about each other and their environment. Building on our STAAND experience, the program will also equip the young people to document community conditions, identify research-supported solution strategies, and work with residents, neighborhood organizations and decision-makers to create communities where youth and families can thrive. Our goal is for young people to build ownership in their neighborhoods and confidence as social change agents.

What is Connect4Change?

Connect 4 Change (C4C) was launched in September of this 2023 following several outreach events in the community. Following SEL tenets and ,



C4C Rancho has mobilized youth to be agents of social change in their communities and are working toward hosting even more community events and projects.

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