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for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods

Every community can provide its residents with the opportunity to be safe and healthy! 

COMMUNITY ACTION, SERVICE, and ADVOCACY (CASA) provides individuals with the information and tools they need to help create safe and healthy neighborhoods.


2023 Youth Quest Chris Ward
Maryann Family 2 (1)
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Tobacco Free CA ID Graphic

ME2WE Endowment Fund

CASA is the recipient of a major gift. The explicit wishes of the donor were that the gift be used to support advanced education and training opportunities for young people, and that the gift be invested and managed in a manner that will sustain that purpose over many years.


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CASA members participating in our tobacco waste cleanup at our state parks and beaches for Earth Day!


CASA's Public Health Interns working alongside local public safety officers to keep our roads safe from drunk and drugged drivers.

Youth leaders in Sacramento

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