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SHAPE: Supporting Healthy Asian Pacific Empowerment

Who is SHAPE?

The SHAPE Youth Coalition is a joint project of Waymakers, working in Garden Grove and CASA, working in the city of San Diego. We work to empower and support members of the Asian Pacific Islander community, and advocate for healthy neighborhoods.


SHAPE members are Supporting Healthy Asian and Pacific Empowerment by organizing peer education and advocacy projects in their schools, communities, and counties in a creative and collaborative presence. SHAPE is aggressively pursuing the elimination of tobacco use by partnering with CASA (Community, Action, Service, and Advocacy) to prevent tobacco use among the Asian Pacific Islander community in San Diego, eliminate second-hand smoke, and support local and state smoke-free policies that encourage tobacco prevention.


'AINA: Asian Islander Network Alliance

Our goal as 'AINA youth coalition is to be respected in our communities for our active and enthusiastic programs that educate their community on the dangers of tobacco use and influence city-wide smoke-free policy adoption as they counter pro-tobacco influences through empowered community advocacy.

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'AINA Community

Pua T.



"I am apart of 'AINA because being a senior who just graduated this pst school year i see how many nicotine companies target a young audience to be their main customers. I want to be a part of something that wants to bring awareness to this and being part of 'AINA is the perfect solution"

Tehani C.


Tehani C..jpg

"I'm so glad that my dad stopped smoking, because now he will be healthier and my family will be too."

Gabby K.


Gabby K. .jpg

 "Aloha my name is Gabby and I joined 'AINA last year. I joined 'AINA because I would like to spread more awareness in my community about smoking and vaping. I would like to see a change that will benefit all of us."

Ale'a T.


Ale'a T..jpg

"I chose to be part of 'AINA because I feel that I can voice my opinions and help be part of something greater than myself."

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