Students Together Against Alcohol 'N Drugs (STAAND)

Youth leadership development where volunteers apply action research methods to document community conditions, identify research-supported solution strategies and work with residents, neighborhood organizations and decision-makers to create communities where youth and families can thrive. STAAND empowers young people to participate in civil society building ownership in their neighborhoods and confidence as social change agents.

Who is STAAND?

We are young

volunteers from all over East County. Our life journeys are all different, but they brought us together. We share our different cultures and languages, hopes and dreams. We come together with one purpose: to make our community a better place!

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STAAND Community

Lava Ramadhan


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"You should take further steps to prevent my generation from becoming addicted to tobacco products. I see kids at my school vaping all the time."

Lana Lawrence



"Everyone wants to do something to make them feel good. Nicotine releases dopamine which makes you feel good temporarily, but in the long run they don't know it actually kills you."

Raneen Yalda


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"People may think it's water vapor that is being used, but it's actually aerosol. An example of aerosol is hairspray. It's like feeding your kids hairspray."